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About Sam


Hi! My name is Samantha Schneider. I am a certified and insured Reiki Master, as well as a licensed Cosmetologist. I am also a registered professional member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP - iarp.org).

Originally from South Africa, my husband and I  immigrated to the USA at the beginning of 2002. We currently reside in the state of North Carolina with our four fur babies, in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains just outside Boone.

I am passionate about Reiki, Meditation, and learning all that life has to offer. I love to read, especially books about anything esoteric, metaphysical, and philosophical. I also find immense fulfillment when I am expressing my creativity through bead work, nail art, and gardening.

Knowing that absolutely everything that exists is energy and is able to be manipulated, along with a nurturing spirit, Reiki itself and practicing it has always made sense to me. So eventually I decided to follow my guidance and begin my Reiki journey in March 2017.

My life's focus is to find complete peace and happiness and extend that to others, and I find that I am only truly able to do this through a daily practice of meditation and self Reiki. I believe this is a crucial part of my daily routine, and I would be completely lost and unbalanced without it.

The empowerment of Reiki is phenomenal, and having the ability to heal ourselves on every level - mind, body and spirit - is incredibly profound. I deeply believe in the healing power of Reiki, and have been witness to many accounts where Reiki has assisted and helped transform a person on so many levels. Reiki has changed my life, and my entire outlook on the world. I feel so privileged to be able to share with you the love and light that Reiki can bring into your life.

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